Message from the Director

Initially arose as an off shoot from the basic skills needed for survival and to wage war, the sport’s popularity increased around  776- B.C with the inception of Olympic Movement. From its hoary past India continued to have a tradition of Sports and Physical Education however, its domain in the contemporary period has become well established aiming at Physical, mental, social and psychological development of an individual.  In short, the all round development of an individual has become the motto of Physical Education.

The sports activities and imparting of instructions to students are the regular features of our Directorate. The Directorate caters the needs in a variety of ways of students from University, colleges and people at large and tries to bridge the gulf between the institutions and the society.

The Health club has been established with the fundamental aim of taking corrective measures against a wide range of conditions including obesity, heart diseases, depression, fatty liver, osteoporosis, etc.   The facilities available at the Health Club can be utilized not only by the university officials but also people from across the society with the objective to create an awakening among the masses about health.


The Directorate offers two years M.P.Ed Degree and it is on record that there has been hundred percent placement of the pass outs. The meritorious candidates desirous seeking admission for pursuing their Masters Degree are welcome to the Directorate and it is assured that every kind of help will be extended to the seekers of knowledge. Through its sustained efforts the Directorate is committed to promote Sports culture across the length and breadth of the valley.